1   |   S P O N T A N E I T Y

Unplanned trips to the city were always best trips to the city.

2   |   F A M I L Y  T I M E

This is the year we got our asses off the couch during the holidays.  

3   |    B L O G G I N G

This one's for you, who are reading this.

4   |   E X P L O R I N G

Shanghai, Hangzhou, New York

5   |   B E I N G  H O M E

I learned that living 40 miles away is enough to get very, very homesick.

6   |   C H A N G E S

I gave change a chance this year. Sometimes you just shouldn't fight it.

7   |    C O N S T A N T S

But here's to the things that stayed the same.

8   |   B R E A T H I N G

Surrounding myself with nature was a new experience for a city person like me who has an awful fear of being lost, but I've found that feeling lost can be a reinvigorating experience.  

9   |   T H E  C I T Y

But can't keep me away from the city for too long.

10   |   E M P I R E  S T A T E  B U I L D I N G

If being in love with skyscrapers is a thing, this would be it.

11   |   S A N   F R A N C I S C O

My heart is always and will be here.

12   |   F O O D

A necessity.

13   |   S K Y L I N E S

 Seeing New York from the Empire State Building was the first time I realized the skyline of a city could make you cry.

14   |   T U R N I N G  2 1

15   |   G R O W I N G

In every way, every day.

I feel very bittersweet about the new year, and it's mostly due to all the fun I have had in the past 12 months learning and adventuring. Sometimes we need to challenge ourselves to know exactly what we're capable of, and I've definitely fallen short of that in the past couple years. Many new experiences that landed at my feet this year forced me out of my comfort zone, and I'm so glad I had the courage to accept them.

Not only have I learned exactly how many pictures it takes to get the perfect flat-lay, I found new passions out of things I never thought of trying.

All photos are my own. 

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  1. OH. MY. GOSH. This post was amazing! I love the simplicity and the very lovely photos! Cheers to 2016!

    Arianne | Ayre

  2. This post gave me the feels. Unplanned trips are always the best and yes, breathing in the woods or by the shore can change A HELL LOT INSIDE!

    Not Your Type Blog

  3. HAHA The number of tries JUST to get that flat lay is just... yes. I hear ya. Love those traveling shots dear! So glad 2015 has been awesome for you! :) I hope 2016 is going to be EVEN BETTER!!!

    x Carina / Running White Horses


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