When I saw Estée Lalonde's new video , I realized I, unknowingly, had a pretty similar weekend. Although I did not force myself off my phone and laptop screen, I spent the majority of the time with human company, doing non-digital things. This was the first time in about a month I had nowhere to rush to, no midterms to study for, and no pressing errands to run. That being said, I took a desperately needed break. Not only did my phone batter last infinitely longer, it was genuinely refreshing. 


First stop was coffee. I'm pretty caffeine intolerant, but coffee is slowly become a morning staple for me (lol, college). This local one had a luscious cold brew.

Best way to keep me off my phone - shopping. At a store, where you can feel how itchy that sweater you wanted from the website really is.  

Stumbled upon this work in progress. Can we just take a look at how aesthetically pleasing this place is and will become? Also, a Korean woman cooked me a Philly cheesesteak and it was bomb.


Woke up with the urge to go into the city. Since the clocks got turned back an hour, I was able to catch the streets during the slow, post-Halloween, morning. Here we have a New Orleans cold brew from Blue Bottle Coffee. Highly recommend, both for the taste and for the completely Instagrammable moment.

A little peak inside Anthropologie because drooling over things I want is an essential part of going to the city and also a very critical aspect of the holiday season (which we're in now, right?).

While I can't curb my love of shopping, I loved not obsessively refreshing my Twitter feed or checking my email for the day. Beyond the moments I captured, I shared home-cooked meals, music, and had meaningful conversation with people I love. And sometimes that's all you need.

All photos taken by me
Equipment: Canon S120, edited in Photos

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  1. Loved your little detail shots of the markets and shops. You must have had a great weekend :) it's a good thing to stay away from our phones eh? I'm gonna have to give this a try. Especially since I'm using my phone like crazy for emails and work/study as of late.

    X Carina / Running White Horses

  2. Thanks for sharing with us. Also check out My Blog.


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