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If you're a regular glasses wearer, getting a new frame is always a thrill of its own. You feel like a new person, even if the difference is subtle. 

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I've had bad eyesight since I was 6 years old. As a kid, you don't have many options like contact lenses or laser surgery, so my glasses literally became a part of me, basically an additional facial feature to the ones I had been born with - eyes, ears, nose, mouth, and my glasses. 

They were cool at first - having this "gadget" I could show off to my friends at school, pretending I was more grown up than everyone else, but that novelty was quickly replaced by annoyance and self-consciousness. In elementary school, it seemed like everyone else could play tether ball without getting their glasses smashed broken. In high school, it was that all the girls could dress up and wear makeup without looking like a nerd with a metal frame on their faces. My glasses were always getting in the way.

Although I did eventually get a contact lens prescription, I still wear glasses on a daily basis. As annoying as they can be, especially on a rainy day, they have become part of who I am and how I present myself - a piece of me.  

This post was inspired by my recent purchase at Warby Parker and their mission to provide glasses for everyone who needs them. When you're looking for something that goes on your face every single day, you need to find the perfect pair. These people understand that. They won't let you walk out with something you are uncomfortable with or hate. From styling to fitting, they have been so professional and patient with me. I love how light-weight my Durands are because I can wear them all day without getting a headache. 

As both a necessity and a fashion statement, I wear glasses because they make me, me. 

glasses, warby parker, plant, sweater

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sweater, glasses, plant, warby parker,

This post was not sponsored! But please do check out Warby Parker because they have the most beautiful and affordable frames ever, and they also give a pair of glasses to someone in need for every pair sold!

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