Every year, I step outside my house when the fireworks come on, and that would be the extent of my Fourth of July celebration.

After braving the crowds last weekend, this seemed like the perfect way to spend my Saturday. I hung out with family friends, who let me walk their cutest little maltipoo puppy. We went to a park, which had a small beach (or just sand) leading into the lagoon. The lagoon is one of my favorite places in the town - I loved how it's a safe place to wander and be away without being lost or eaten by a shark. Being accompanied by the gentle waves is so soothing and comforting.

It was the perfect chance to catch my breath from the week and enjoy some time alone. Since I've been working this summer, weekdays can easily be filled with anxiety that comes simply from being stuck on public transit or rush hour crowds. Basically, It poops me out. That being said, I'm usually feeling pretty overwhelmed by the end of the week. Even though I only spent an hour or so by the water, it was a nice break. And of course, the fireworks (scroll for photos!) at the end of the day were the perfect added bonus.

How do you like to spend a day off?

*Daytime photos shot using iPhone 6*
*Fireworks shot using Canon S120*

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