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Even though my blog has been missing my Foodie Fridays, my tummy hasn't. Here's a little walk through of my recent food diary...

Always a safe bet with this one. Love all the pizzas I've ever tried (Hawaiian and BBQ are other signature ones, I believe). They also do excellent salads if you're a low-carb person. 

June 19 || Fambrini's Cafe
It only takes a quick glance at the menu to see that this Fambrini person is/was a genius. Every sandwich is packed with the most unique combination of flavors. Every bite is a pleasant surprise. 

June 25 || Mongolian Hot Pot
Not the biggest fan of cooking food as I eat it, but this was a damn good meal. Key to good hot pot is a good soup base, and this was it. 

Very interesting selection of flavors in that not every one was sweet. The one I had was mint which was utterly true to flavor - tasted more like mint tea than an ice cream. The perfect palette cleanser. Their gelato is apparently made of a naturally occurring sugar substitute, making it a healthy yet satisfying dessert. 

July 4 || Farmer's Market 
Followed my mom to stock up on vegetables. Just happened to take a pretty cool snap on my snapchat so I wanted to share here :) 

Comment below if you've tried any interesting foods lately! 

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  1. I just noticed the quote as your slogan.. and Oh my gosh, you're my hero !

    Also, this post made me crave a specific deli sandwich.


    1. I love that quote. When I first found it, I was like 'yes, i need to hear this everyday.'
      thanks for visiting!! :)

  2. Oh my's 10pm at night and I've had my dinner but this just made me hungry again! The chicken and lemon sounds sooo yummy! You sure do know how to eat well!!

    Sinéad xo ♥ fabuleuse, toujours ♥


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