OOTD : The Leather Jacket


Even though it's June, the coming of summer has been a bit questionable here by the bay. And since nothing completes an outfit more than a classic leather jacket, it seems like the perfect option when I'm rushing out the door every morning to catch the 7:40 train.

I love my new asymmetrical-zip faux leather jacket (on sale from Abercrombie, but in a very typical style that can be found anywhere, I'm sure). The shoulder detail, sleeve zippers, and the wired hems give it its relaxed texture that goes with any outfit. Although I'm usually wearing jeans, I also love wearing dresses/skirts/leggings with a leather jacket - seriously, it's my go-to outerwear. And the zip-up pocket that is deep enough for my iPhone 6? Bonus. 

My favorite shirt to pair with a leather jacket is probably something chiffon or a loose tee - there's something about the contrast of the delicate fabric against the durable leather that makes it feel comfortable while being visually interesting. Again, I am all about blacks, whites, and grays (in this case, just black) when it comes to color. I'm wearing an old laced black top and H&M jeans. My glasses, unfortunately, are not just a fashion statement. (Sleep deprivation and contact lens are never a good combo). 

I'm so excited to wear this jacket with everything I own so expect seeing it again!  

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  1. Leather jackets are the best PERIOD

    xx Izzy | Qthee

    1. I know right? I don't even have to think when I put it on - just know it'll look decent no matter what!

  2. Awesome jacket. X!

  3. Leather jackets are the BEST THING EVER



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