PHOTO DIARY : Arts and Wine


Once a year, the city of Foster City- a usually peaceful and quiet town (think Stars Hollow without the town hall meetings)- puts on a weekend of carnival, barbecue, and local arts. Each year, I love seeing the transformation and the amount of people that come out to see the festival. 

Even though the rides stay the same from year to year, the local vendors and the live performances change. (Of course, there's always the wine part, which I'm yet permitted to drink. Arg.) There's always something interesting to see. While the question of how a ferris wheel can be standing in between the public library and the Jewish community center is beyond me, I had a great time this year riding the non-upside-down rides and inhaling crazy barbecue fumes. 

Enjoy the crazy "natural lighting" on some of these pictures -I swear I don't know how to use Photoshop! 
Does your town have any fun traditions?

*All photos taken on Canon PowerShot S120, edited with Photos*

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  1. I'm so glad I found your blog - great photos and those succulents are adorable! Can't wait for your next post, following on Bloglovin now. YAY! x

    Jessica Marie | JESMGIA


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