What's in My Bag? : The new, the old, the overused


With all that's been going on recently, I've been feeling more or less uninspired. So I took to a good, old blogger/vlogger tradition - the infamous "What's in my bag" post. Here is what I carry with me on a day-to-day basis, plus or minus a few.
Wallet -
I got this ostrich leather zip wallet while on my trip to Shanghai. Although it is too big for some of my bags, I do love using it because it keeps everything I could ever need all in one place (really need my boba tea stamp card if you know what I mean). Since I tend to carry a bigger bag anyway, this works just fine.

Planner -
And a pen. This was my new years resolution from Muji. Since I'm known to abandon my calendars/diaries/planners a couple months into the year, I picked up this blank one, which you fill in the days yourself. So theoretically, it would be completely fine to miss a month or two (unless you got overly excited like I did, and filled it out for the rest of the year by March). I like planners with a monthly view rather than weekly so that I can anticipate what's ahead. It does leave less room for writing, but I get creative (lots of post-it's, haha).

iPhone -
I am completely obsessed with my iPhone 6. After my iPhone 5S died a painful death (complete system crash and memory was wiped clean),  I got the opportunity to upgrade to something I've wanted for a long time. And I'm so, so happy with it. With my phone I always bring earphones, especially if I'm walking to a class or traveling in car. Never know when some song will creep into my head and I'll have the sudden burning urge to listen to it. You will notice these are the super old Apple earphones that came with the iPhone 4. Just because I got a new phone doesn't mean the old earphones should go to waste!

Aside from those main "staple" items, I always have:

Lip balm (or something similar) -
The one I use right now is the Too Faced La Crème lipstick in "Naughty Nude," a perfect match to my natural lip. There's nothing more annoying than having dry lips after a meal or walking in the wind.

Gum -
In case I spontaneously indulged in onions, or even just coffee.

Hair tie (around my wrist) -
Because there will always be a "hair-tie occasion" (girls, you know what I'm talking about).

Compact mirror  -
picked up from Forever 21 last Black Friday but never use

Sunglasses -
New from Boohoo. Since I wear glasses, I usually have no need for them, but there are an essential on contact days.

Since I disliked clutter, I keep it pretty simple. These (and my keys) are usually what's I have or would regret not having in my bag. Let me know if I'm missing something important that I should have!

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  1. Hair tie is a must for me. Especially if I have a plan to go to the gym. Exercises are just a big no with my hair everywhere including mouth and eyes. You have a good habit of having sunglasses with you. It's something I should learn as sometimes sun hurts eyes way too much! Find me at http://www.igaberry.com/ & https://www.bloglovin.com/blogs/igaberry-13323143
    Have a lovely day, Iga x

    1. sunglasses are a must for the california sun especially if you're sitting in a car!

  2. I love reading these 'What's in my bag' posts. I just love your planner, it's just another colour other than white. You also don't have much stuff in your bag compared to me haha! x


    1. i usually end up with more stuff - but I try not to! hahaha

  3. I like the look of everything that's in your bag. Especially the mirror and the planner =)

    Feathers and Brushes | Swiss | Beauty & Lifestyle

  4. I love your wallet, it's gorgeous! I pack similar essentials in my bag, except sunglasses as I always end up squishing them and breaking them! :(



  5. I'm in love with my iPhone 6 as well! I got it about a month ago and I can never leave it alone.
    I always forget to carry a scrunchie with me! I always end up buying one out of desperation and I now have a huge collection of scrunchies!
    Aria | Girl in a Whimsical Land


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