TRACKLIST 2: A Pop of Symphonies


This month has been all about long nights, instant noodles, and Classical music. When I wasn't working on my final project for my music class (which was a commentary on Benjamin Britten's Simple Symphony - a track on the list, of course), I needed music that kept me energized and just, for the lack of a better term, going.

I cannot begin to express my gratitude for the Daily Lift playlist on Spotify, which been the sound caffeine to my sleep deprivation. My most played on the list was definitely Fifth Harmony's Worth It. I think it has a similar musical vibe to Jason Derulo's Talk Dirty to Me, which I could not stop listening to last summer. I've also rediscovered an old time favorite artist - Josh Groban (I sang You Raise Me Up for an audition once.). Listening to his voice while I was stressing over schoolwork is both rejuvenating and inspiring. Lastly, before you judge me for having an overplayed Ellie Goulding song on the list (hello, 50 Shades of Grey), it was the song I learned during study breaks. Personally, Ellie Goulding's voice is 'eh' - you'll notice I linked a cover below :)

WORTH IT | Fifth Harmony

BRAVE | Josh Groban

SHUT UP AND DANCE | Walk to the Moon

SIMPLE SYMPHONY | Benjamin Britten

LOVE ME LIKE YOU DO | Ellie Goulding

What's your go-to playlist on Spotify?

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  1. I want to listen to this. Good post!


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