VLOG 7 : March 29 - April 5




I show you some more from the Emeryville Marina. This weekend, I went for a nice dinner at a cute French restaurant and hung out with my parents. Since it was Easter weekend, there weren't many stores that were open. We did stop by IKEA, which is lots of fun because I am obsessed with homeware/interior decorating. I really want my future house to have a gray/mustard/magenta color scheme. Anyway, as you see in the vlog, we drove up to Tilden Park, which had a historic merry-go-round and a little farm. Farm animals are way more fun to video-record than to take pictures of, so you'll have to watch and see :) 

We ended the day with some Thai food which I will insert a picture of down below. On that note, Happy Monday everyone! 

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  1. It seems like you had tons of foon! That food looks yummy!!

    I'm visiting you from the #fblchat. Thanks for the link!!
    My Cup of Tea xxx


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