Mid-week Update : April 1, 2015


3 days back into school and I can't believe how overwhelmed I'm already feeling. Here's what I've been up to this past week (or just, weekend. for the week, you can watch my vlog :). I spent Saturday in the city catching up with a friend. I got to try the Bay Area-infamous Sushirrito. It was a giant sushi/burrito of yumminess. The California roll doesn't get more real than this.
On Sunday, heading back to school, I went to the Emeryville Marina to try a well-known dimsum place. It was the perfect day to visit the Marina. While waiting for a table, I was able to get some nautical vibes on. The restaurant had floor-length glass windows that hugged right by the water. And the food was amazing. They took traditional dim-sum to the next level - Shu-mai made with some rare mushroom, and stone cooked turnip cake. Mmmm. Now back to finishing homework....

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  1. Lovely update! And your pictures make me hungry. X

  2. Love the pictures of the boats and the Marina :) Also, dimsummm i always crave for dim sum! That looks like a lovely spread!

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  3. Such beautiful photos! I'm having major food envy xx Sophie/ www.prettyandpolished.co.uk


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