PIECE OF ME : My Sperrys


I started wearing Topsiders about 4 years ago and I have been unhealthily attached to them since. I went to a private high school with uniforms where socks/tights were required, and naturally, I wore my boat shoes with socks or black stockings with my navy blue pleated uniform skirt. Yep, not the sexiest look, I have to admit. 

There's something about the creamy leather that just keeps getting better the more times I wear it. The yearn for comfort has my feet gravitating towards them each morning, leaving all my shoes to gather dust in the closet. They go perfectly with blue jeans, black jeans, burgundy jeans, jean shorts, which is honestly all I ever wear. Now that I think about it, I may have unconsciously altered my style to these shoes. I never travel without my Sperry's and I honestly think since wearing them (I'm on my second pair), I've only bought maybe 5-7 pairs of new shoes, most of which are for special occasions where it would be completely inappropriate to wear boat shoes. Nautical jokes aside, I love my sperrys, and they go where I go.

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