PHOTO DIARY : Shanghai, China


As mentioned in my previous post, I visited Shanghai (namely, the financial district, also known as the "Bund") for the first time this winter, which is basically the New York City of China (in front of me in the first picture is a mall including every high-end designer brand in the world). The places I went included the Shanghai International Finance Center, also known as the architectural "bottle opener" because of its overall structural shape. The second and third images below are taken from the best observation deck in the world, which included a bar on the 98th floor. Finally, of course, you don't go to Shanghai without trying their signature dish - xiao long bao. The latter few images are shot at the City God Temple, which is also the location of Nanxiang Steamed Bun Restaurant, home to the world's juiciest steam buns. Please enjoy! 

(All images are taken on my iPhone 5s with minor editing using VSCO Cam and iPhoto.)

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