PHOTO DIARY : Hangzhou, China


This last January, I had the privilege of traveling to two of the most gorgeous cities in China - Shanghai and Hangzhou, each beautiful in their own unique way. Hangzhou is one of the most well-preserved cities in the eastern hemisphere, filled with historic relics surrounded by breaths of fresh air that are hard to come by in other modern hustling-bustling cities. Every corner of the town is surrounded by picture-perfect scenery. I was able to tour the West Lake, the most popular tourist attraction, on a gondola (or the modern equivalent). The views were breath-taking, and after having these pictures sitting on my phone for so long, I finally could not resist sharing them. Enjoy and stay tuned for the Shanghai photo diary! 

(All pictures were taken on an iPhone 5s with minor editing on either VSCO Cam or iPhoto.)

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  1. The scenery looks so calm and peaceful. I want to go visit it one day :)


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