FOODIE FRIDAYS : Old Town Sushi, San Mateo


I've decided to post something food-related on Fridays. To kick off this new section, I am going to rave about one of my favorite sushi places in the north bay. I love sushi - my whole family loves sushi so much that we joke that we were Japanese in our past lives, but this place takes sushi on a whole new level. Old Town Sushi, located in downtown San Mateo, is a small, hip, and inexpensive sushi bar-style Japanese restaurant known for its outrageous sushi rolls.

They serve everything from good old trusty California rolls and sashimi platters to the gooey baked Lion King roll and Sriracha-drizzled Dynamite roll. Their signature, most popular roll, however, is an architectural feat of its own. The Number 1 roll - essentially a tempura roll topped with salmon sashimi, a mountain of imitation crab meat and Sriracha sauce - is a must-try. Never have I left this place feeling unsatisfied or ripped off. It gives you exactly what is written or pictured in the menu or advertised on the walls, if not more. It's comfort food - Asian edition.

Besides the food, Old Town attracts many young adults probably because of its casual atmosphere and great value (2 "special" sushi rolls + 1 appetizer amounts to under $30). Nonetheless, the place is family-friendly still. I've eaten here with friends, my parents, and family friends. The place is quite small, and there tends to be a waiting list during peak hours, so I wouldn't expect a long meal where you can catch up with your long-lost soul mate about the last 10 years of their lives (that's what dessert is for!). However, the customer service is efficient in order to keep up with the crowd circulation, so luckily your wait time is never too long.

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