FOODIE FRIDAYS : 900 Grayson


Chicken and Waffles or Demon Lover? That is the name of their signature chicken and waffles dish at 900 Grayson, Emeryville, CA. 

For a diner named literally after the address of its location and located in an isolated industrial area, it somehow attracts many families and college students on a regular basis. On weekends, there will guaranteed be a line, but almost everyone who stops by will stay to wait. The perfectly fried chicken paired with wheat waffles and topped with your choice of gravy or maple syrup is a rarity in the bay area. Among the Demon Lover, the diner also serves soups as well as some of America's best burgers (pictured below is the Grayson Burger).With its bright yellow walls and unique interior decorations, the place is cozy and the perfect way to start off a lazy Sunday. The staff is accommodating and friendly, so even though crowded, you will still be able to enjoy the food without feeling rushed and pressured to leave. 

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  1. Those chicken and waffles look amazing. I've never had it with gravy, but I definitely want to try this!


  2. My goodness, I wish we had foodie places like that here in the UK! Intrigued by the waffle and chicken combo... haha :)

    Hannah x | hannatalks

    1. it was my first time trying it as well! it's surprisingly amazing :P


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